RIP Version 2 on Packet Tracer

There is no big difference between RIP version 1 and version 2 when we are applying them in packet tracer. In order to apply RIP version 2 on packet tracer. we will just have to add the following command. We will follow the same example that we used in RIP version 1 in this article.


Router(config)# router rip
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# version 2

You see there is just the addition of one statement i.e. “version 2”. The rest is the same. We will apply the above set of commands on both routers i.e. Router 3 and Router 2 ,used in the topology above which is also used in this article, above and bingo, we have applied RIP V2 on packet tracer.
Just make sure that the protocol is applied as an additional step and cannot replace the basic steps i.e. we have to assign IP addresses to the router’s interfaces and PCs and also change the state of the interfaces from down to UP like in this article and then we will go ahead and apply Protocol.



  1. very helpful topics about network protocols thanks sooo much

  2. Where is "ip route-cache" in packet tracer? There is no such command in interface configuration and also no" ip rip receive version 2".....

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