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Human Eye

The human eye sees basically three colors: red, green and blue. The white is a combination of the three, the black is their lack.

LAN Cables with RJ-45 Connectors

Ethernet Connectivity is enabled by using Cables.


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Windows 8.1 Password Resolved

In daily use, we do not really prefer to always type a long password that we have for our live account. Instead, what we can do is, we can very easily alter it or you can say bypass it by applying the following procedure.

Click on the search in the right panel as shown in the figure below.




After you click on search, the following panel will open. Type password. Here you see, as highlighted in the figure below. Click on “Sign-in options”.




Now, here you have different options, the most suitable and easier way is to have a four digit pin.

Click, on the change button in the “PIN” option which is the third one here.




First it will prompt you to enter your Hotmail account password which you are using to log into your windows.

Enter your password. As i did mine in the following diagram.




Now, enter your four digit pin number.



Like this.




And here you go, now when you want to log into your windows you will just have to enter the pin and it logs in.