November 17, 2012

Inter VLAN Routing (Router on a Stick)

In this tutorial we are going apply inter vlan routing. In order to communicate between different vlans, we use this phenomenon. Let us apply vlan on the following topology, then we will apply vtp (vlan trunking protocol).  


Now, in order to communicate between different vlans we will have to create sub interfaces of fast ethernet interface of router. Let us do that. Note that, we will create as many sub interfaces as many vlans we are using in our topology. In this case we are using 2 vlans, so we will create two sub interfaces for both vlans.


We will also apply encapsulation of sub interface.

Let us create vlans and assign those vlans to switch interfaces i.e. PCs


In order to apply VTP we will have write the following commands. Apply the domain name, and trunk the ports of switch. Note, trunk only those ports that are connected to router and switches.

Thus, vlans are visible in other switches too after trunking.

Trunk the port of the switch 1 as well.


Now, we see ,in the bottom right corner,  we are able to communicate in between vlans and that s what we wanted , isnt it ?


  1. please show port labels... i

    1. u r right . From next time i ll , but for now , if you have problem with the port numbers,
      you can find out by assuming that only those ports are configured which are not connected to Hosts (PCs). I hope you ll get it. :)

  2. thanx a lot.This artlacle was really helpful..
    Keep it up...

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