Wireless Communication in Packet Tracer

Let us create wireless topology on packet tracer. For this go to the wireless devices and select linksys wireless router, take some PCs and provide them with wireless linksys module so that they can communicate through router wirelessly. For that go to the PC physical mode as shown in the figures below.


Go to PC, and remove wired LAN and install wireless LAN module.


Now, its removed. Let us add wireless module.

NOw, PCs are connected.

Set the IP address.


As this wireless router provides us with the DHCP service, so we can obtain IP automatically by using this service for our PCs.

So now our PCs can communicate.


Now, let us apply authentication to our wireless router. For that, go to Config tab, click on Wireless. Provide it with the information as described below.

Go to PC desktop mode, Click on PC Wireless.

Click on connect. Select the device, you want to connect to, click connect.
Give correct password.

Now, we are done with it. We have successfully applied authentication.

Now, let us use Access point to connect to PCs wirelessly.
We can also connect wired router to access point in order to make our router wireless.

Apply IP addresses and put the status on.

We can also give authentication key to Access Point as well.

As in this figure below.




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