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  2. I've been watching exercises using youtube and others in PDF and I happened to do an exercise which combines all (vlan, osfp, bgp, eirgp) but I have a problem assigning IP as well to servers but not communicating none other I attached the file if they can help.

    thank you very much

  3. Hello Wonder if you could help me start off this scenario task?

    · Practice the design of WLAN infrastructure network for enterprise environment.
    · Understand IP network sub-netting.
    · Understand the integration of IP managed devices in network environment.

    Construction of an Enterprise Network

    Use software such as Packet Tracer to build an enterprise WLAN network. You need to test the network, make sure its fully operational and the subnets are well interconnected. Tasks are outlined as below (State All Assumptions Made):
    · The architecture should have a Mail Server, Intranet Server, Web Server, File Server, FTP Server, and Domain Controller all located in a server room.
    · Support for Remote User Connections (Through the Internet).
    · The Router/Gateway is located in the server room and is on the same subnet as the other servers.
    · The architecture should have at least 5 departments with each department operating in a different subnet for ease of identification and network management.
    · Each department has minimum 3 printers.
    · Implement WLAN for each department.
    · Implement communication between the WLAN subnets and the server network.
    · Implement and explain how central network management could benefit this network.
    · Implement the necessary security measures for networking devices and each LAN segment.

  4. Sir can you lease give your contact detail, my email
    I need help for my ns2 project.

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