Today , 21st September 2012, we are celebrating the ishq e rasool day and of course, there is a local holiday in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country with the most local holidays in the world. That just official numbers i am talking about. All the strikes that take place and other events as Pakistan is very eventful country, Day in and day out, we either have riots resulting in the shutter down strikes causing loss to economy but who gives a "damn".

Coming back to original discussion about ISHQ E RASOOL (SAW) day, i was watching the news, watching people destroying signals, shops, cars, bikes, billboards, burning cinemas. But the question is, Should this be the reaction ? And who is going to pay for the destruction that happens as a result. The answer is "us, all of us through our tax money".

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Muslim is the one who does not harm another Muslim by all means (through his hands and tongue )". Are they going to stop publishing stuff like that. Same reaction was recorded when some cartoons were published by some danish artist.

This is what they do, they make something insulting, mock our religion and sit in front of the TV to watch us burn ourselves. This photo might give you the little idea of what i am talking about.

Its a shame, How can you protest with violence for somebody who always stood for peace . 

UPDATE: 31 people reportedly killed on that day in Pakistan and a loss of billion of dollars.



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