Oh , its the first one . My mind deviates from place to place and i am in a state of mental dissatisfaction and tries to run away from the situation and lingers into the world of peace where there is no worries and i can live and enjoy the life like no one else but this is what we have to deal with . This is life . Life where "shit" is a part of it .
Lets discuss practicality and keep imagination apart from what it really is, the life that one has to deal with it. This is it. Good and bad times are a part of it. The thing that can keep u alive and happy and away from worries is the fulfillment of the responsibilities and let the ppl around u feel u and let them be touched by u emotionally so that when u r no longer around , they can remember u in a way that u are always there and be a part of their life whenever they need u in happiness and grief .
These were the little bit technicalities by following which u can live a better life and enjoy the beauty of it. There are people,that i see around me, and it feels like the life has been sucked out of them. I can feel their pain deep inside my heart and on the top of it , the miserable life they have to live and suffer from the bad times and sometimes i feel like they can make their life better by doing a little work on it. They can be happy , as they have every right to be happy.
But the problem is, people do not want to be happy. They are so much in trouble that they forget how to be happy. So, i would suggest to those people that try to find happiness in little things. World is sweet and great and you can always be happy if u just give it a little try. Because its the only chance u got . Like they say "Its the one in the life time opportunity". If u wont live ur life now then when would u ?? Ask yourself that question and you may find the answer. Its hidden inside urself.

Enjoy ur life :)



  1. hehe Who said so K people dont know how to be happy.. look around you man... the people are akheerr shugleee... hehe for example... look at how people are enjoying and xtremly happy at the arrival of Pakistan ki bahu.. sania bhabi.. and shoaib malik... half or our qaum is on airport to recieve them ... ulitmate shugle is going on in the country.. specially in lahore.. PC hotel... haha...

    Pakistanis knows how to be happy ... sahnoo tay bahana chiyay busss... haha..

    Chill ker... sub sath sath hi hai .... !!

  2. Very true usman. It is a very well written blog.

    Continuous dissatisfaction is the root cause of all the social problems.

    And this is basically because of the rituals, show off and what we call our "traditions". But the problem is that all these three things are deep rooted in our society. It is in our genes, why, because for thousands of years, this land was occupied by the idol-worshipers.

    Lack of education and distance from religion is definitely adding fuel to it.

    Yaar hum se gorrey bohat achey hian.. apnee zindagee main must rehtey hain and hell they know how to be happy.