Computer Stores everything in binary

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Human Eye

The human eye sees basically three colors: red, green and blue. The white is a combination of the three, the black is their lack.

LAN Cables with RJ-45 Connectors

Ethernet Connectivity is enabled by using Cables.


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Networking Terminologies

Please write a brief note on all the terminologies. A quiz will be taken on the following in the upcoming class.

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables (UTP).
T568-A color Schemes for Straight Through, Cross Over, Roll Over Cables.
T568-B color Schemes for Straight Through, Cross Over, Roll Over Cables.

Network congestion
TCP congestion-avoidance
Additive increase/multiplicative decrease
Fast Retransmit and Fast Recovery

FireWall and VPNs
IP Tunnel
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM):-
             Try to cover all the terminologies used in the following tutorial. ATM Tutorial     

Simulator class in NS2
Networking Nodes in NS2 and their features
Types of links available for us to use in NS2
Latency Time
Queueing Algorithms
TCP Sink Agent
NULL Agent

Paper Pattern:

Q1. Theoretical Portion as defined above. Prepare comprehensively.
Q2. NS2 complete. Prepare thoroughly. You will have to write code.
Q3. Do prepare thoroughly for RiverBed. You will have to perform task on riverbed. Following tasks are excluded.

A Shared media network
A direct link network
Small office network